The big revenge at Fulham Road ( Chelsea vs Man. Utd, EFL Round 4)

The season opener for the 2019/20 EPL campaign at Old Trafford was one that the blues family never want a recap. The said nightmare was Frank Lampard’s first EPL game as the manager of the former pensioners having switch from Derby County to a very likely destination near Fulham Road.

We were happy to see Lampard lead us in a Premier League game, but the day did not went down well with us as we failed 0-4 to Man. Utd. That was not a surprise considering the transfer band hanging on our neck and the inexperienced of our youngsters whom we now depend on.

With the result against Utd, Lampard went home with lots of homework to do. Two months later it seems he is getting the homework right and what a time for us to catch in on a revenge against the red devils when we do battle in the Carabao Cup on Wednesday, Oct 30.

In the words of our system engineer:

Recall on Aug 11, on our way pass Manchester Road we were blocked and beaten up by the red devils. It took us sometime to recuperate, now we’re okay! And God answering our prayers, I have it in good authority that the devils will be travelling through Fulham Road at about 9:05pm on Wednesday. No dulling! We go block dem for Fulham Road Junction.

All blues should come out with their AK47, matchets and axes.

Enjoy the Carabao Cup round 4 and remember to play safe; football without racism, fanaticism and their likes. Fair play is always the answer!

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