Zlatan Ibrahimovic Reveals He Waited Four Years Just to Get the Chance to Kick Marco Materazzi

​Swedish football legend Zlatan Ibrahimovic has sensationally revealed intriguing details about his ​kung-fu kick on Marco Materazzi, which ended up in the Italian being admitted to the hospital.

Ibrahimovic was only handed a yellow for the challenge during the heated fixture on November 14, 2010. ​AC Milan won the game 1-0 that night thanks to an Ibrahimovic penalty, which he converted after being fouled in the area by Materazzi. 

As reported by ​Mail, while speaking to GQ Magazine, Ibrahimovic recollected the whole saga as he said, “Materazzi entered a challenge like an assassin and hurt me. He was a tough football player, that’s OK.”

He continued, “But there’s two ways to be tough, one of them is aiming to hurt you. Even [Paolo] Maldini was tough, but with a different objective. It was ​Juventus-Inter in 2006 and after the foul I had to leave the pitch for a moment and [coach Fabio] Capello said, “I’ll substitute you”. I said, “no, I’ll go on”.

Ibrahimovic went on, “I wanted to return to the pitch to get my revenge on Materazzi. If someone does that to me, I won’t forget about it. But after two minutes, I’m in too much pain to go on. I can’t play. Then I go to Inter, Barcelona, Milan…”

Revealing the moment he felt had the chance to get back at Materazzi, Ibrahimovic said, “In the first game, the 2010-11 derby, they were all against me. OK, this motivates me. But, if you don’t have any control, it’s not good. You’ll lose your head and do something stupid. I got a penalty, and who fouled me? Materazzi. 1-0 Milan.”

He described, “In the second half, Materazzi is coming at me and I hit him with a taekwondo move, I sent him to the hospital. [Dejan] Stankovic asked me; “Why did you do that?” And I replied to him: “I have been waiting for this moment for four years. That’s why. Then I left. What goes around comes around.”

Materazzi, meanwhile, wasted little time in responding to Ibrahimovic and sarcastically thanked the striker, saying: “I came… I saw… I conquered…. Always and in any case, THANK YOU, Ibrahimovic. Without you we would never have WON.”

He posted a photo of Jose Mourinho’s Treble-winning ​Inter Milan team from 2009-10 with captain Javier Zanetti holding the Champions League trophy.

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